Dr Pritpal Singh Lubana

Dr Prit Pal Singh Lubana

Dr Prit Pal Singh Lubana has joined as 10th Dean of the College of Agricultural Engineering & Technology (COAET), PAU on June 18. His name was cleared in the 242nd meeting of the PAU Board of Management held at Camp Office, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar on June 17. He has involved himself in various teaching activities including offering Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses to students and guiding M.Tech and Ph.D students, as Major Advisor and Project Advisor of B.Tech students, as the nominee of Dean Post Graduate Studies, etc. He remained actively associated with academic programmes of COAET as Chairman of the Teaching Committee.

For several years Dr Lubana was actively associated with students dealings as the Hostel Warden (9 years), Chairman, Anti-Ragging Squad (6 years), President, Dance, Drama, Music Club (5 years), etc. As Chairman of the Training & Placement Committee of the College, he took keen interest in the placement of students and 160 students got attractive placement through the on-campus interviews. Dr Lubana organized Students’ Exchange Programmes with Moscow State University of Environment Engineering (MSUEE), Russia and visited Ohio State University, Columbus, USA for professional interactions. He also handled the Khorana Programme (USA) that was operated at PAU and participated in several national and international scientific conferences.

He has made some important research developments in sprinkler, drip and surface irrigation techniques, reclamation of water-logged areas, irrigation and drainage engineering , trickle irrigation and soil-water dynamics models, etc. Dr Lubana has held several training camps for farmers on drip irrigation and other water saving technologies from time to time, under the aegis of Precision Farming Development Centre at PAU, of which, he is the Principal Investigator.

In recognition of his contributions, Dr Lubana was awarded PAU Meritorious Teacher Award (2008), Commendation medal by Indian Society of Agricultural Engineering (ISAE) and Jain Irrigation Award. He held additional charge of Director Students Welfare and contributed in the organization of youth festivals and strengthening of facilities for sports, games and extra-curricular activities.

After resuming the office of Dean COAET, Dr Lubana said that his immediate priority will be to put into effect discipline among students within the class room and outside and to develop improved facilities for class room delivery, creating state-of-the-art (smart) class rooms with modern infrastructure for e-learning, to promote demand-driven academic programmes to cater to the needs of corporate as well as public sector, further strengthening students placement efforts, etc. Students constructive inputs and suggestions will be considered while formulating programmes , said Dr lubana adding that the entire effort will be to develop a better and competent human resource.

source: http://web.pau.edu

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