Gurdial Singh Tibbewala

Gurdial singh tibbewale- painter and business man
Gurdial singh

Gurdial Singh Tibbewala is an artist from Lubana Community. His most popular works include portraits of Sant Prem Singh, among other personalities, he painted during 1980s. His paintings of SantPrem Singh became so popular that you could find those in virtually every Lubana household.

He was born in Begowal in 1954. The name Tibbewala signifies that the family moved from village Tibba, Pakistan after partition. He went to college at SPSK Khalsa College Begowal. Growing up he developed an interest in art. Also, while at college he tried his hand at writing poems and short stories. He won best oratoror prize from Giani Zail Singh himself, when the later visited SPSK College.

Family financial conditions forced him to sideline everything else as he took up agriculture. He would work on the field during the day and steal some hours every night for painting.  It was during this time he created his most popular paintings. He sometimes would travel to Ludhiana to get guidance from a famous painter there. After finishing his religious portraits, he would donate it to the gurdwara. Sobha Singh was his inspiration.

Later, he moved to the USA, like many others from Lubana Community. After spending 9 years there, he returned home to begowal. On returning, he opened a Hero Honda motorcycle showroom in begowal, Sant Motors, which he named after his fatherSant Singh. Later, to keep up with the new age, he started to learn Digital Painting.He, lately has rereleased some of his old paintings by digitally combining his new and old work. Which again have been very popular among Lubanas.

Below is his artwork