welcome to lubana.in



welcome to one and only website informing you about lubana community world wide. you can see  latest new, meet new talents and inspirations from the community.

if you know any lubana personality,you think should be written about please post his/her details and we will be happy to post. to post your stuff simply email us at pindtandi@hotmail.com

http://www.lubana.in in now more improved for its audience. 

simplified menu bar. To checkout who were Lubanas just click on Lubana history. latest on Lubanas bring outs the articles and news about the community. Photo gallery is the collection of photos of the celebrities and famous personalities of the community.

sidebar provides easy navigation. you can search a keywords or subscribe the Blog via email to get the latest updates. you can explore different categories or simply checkout the recent comments made by public on the posts.

happy surfing,

Special note: This site is not intend to promote cast system and is made to provide history and where up to Lubana community is. All your discussion based comments are welcomed and vulgar language or disrespect of other communities, faith and religion is not allowed.


2 thoughts on “welcome to lubana.in”

  1. sir why you are not adding love singh multani songs in your site,he is also punjabi lubana singer,add his ong in latest news on your site@

    1. thanx veer ji for your concern. love singh multani is very good friend of mine. and i have posted his photo in photo section. i will post his songs very soon. if you know any other lubana personality plz do share with us

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